Postal, History, Food!

 Postcard Level:  4 with a postal theme.
Snail Mail Level:  8 with a postal theme.
Parcel Post Level:  12 with a postal theme.


Is this an odd combo, or a great place to store unique books!?  I’m going to re-join Melanie’s fantastic, patriotic-feeling group at “Postcard Level” again.  However just like before, I’m sure I’ll raise the anti as I discover epistolary or postal-themed books along my 2014 journey.

June 24, 2014:  I made it to the full twelve books!  I will describe why my selections fit.  I’ll add more titles suiting this theme.  :)

December 31, 2014:  I finished with eighteen suitable books and surpassed the group’s top level!  I’ve been itching since June to receive the letter association membership Melanie mentioned.

(1)  “Le Premier Nöel De La Famille LaTaupe”  Russell Hoban  1969
Moles learn to write to Santa Claus and set up a mailbox above ground, to see if animals too receive wishes at Christmas.

(2)  “Ghost Ship”  P.J. Alderman  2011
This duology entirely uses journals, newspaper articles, and the actual ghosts to examine history and solve mysteries.

(3)  “Mystery Of Disaster Island”  Ann Rivkin  1975
A Canadian gem and rare book by a two-off author!  A Winnipeg family moves to British Columbia.  There’s a diary about the contraversial island they re-open.

(4)  “Iggy’s House”  Judy Blume  1970
This was the worst I read by the children’s author.  But the protagonist spans the book to write her best friend about new neighbours.

(5)  “The Man In The Brown Suit”  Agatha Christie  1924
A lot of writing and telegrams occur, including hilarious remarks at the end:  wryly congratulating heroes on an island who have a baby.

(6)  “The Quicksilver Pool”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1955
The heroine openly consults her husband’s youthful journals, because she scarcely knows him.  His first wife’s death needs a better explanation.

(7)  “The Clue In The Diary”  Mildred A. Wirt  1931
The titular item isn’t ancient or atmospheric, as anticipated.  It is the career journal and formula record of an inventor.  It serves as an important court exhibit.

(8)  “The Ghost & The Dead Deb”  Alice Kimberly  2005
Old, now historic case file records of a private investigator!  His ghost urges a living pupil to use his diary-style observations, to solve a murder.

(9)  “My Cousin Rachel”  Daphne Du Maurier  1951
Letters are paramount to this mystery and the early portions of the novel incorporate the epistolary.

(10)  “The Tale Of Oat Cake Crag”   Susan Wittig Albert  2010
All Beatrix Potter’s contact with her parents and publisher is by post.  Notably, this series was accomplished via her diaries and correspondence.

(11)  “Light A Penny Candle”  Maeve Binchy  1982
A large portion of this novel is genuinely epistolary.  Letters kept two friends in each other’s worlds.

(12)  “The Night The Gods Smiled”  Eric Wright  1984
The journal of a murder victim enlightens his Toronto police case-handler.

(13)  “The Wishing Jar”  Penelope J. Stokes  2002
A scene witnessing a Great-Grandmother write her diary, about toddler sons being gone longer than they were alive, reached my heart with healing that I needed.  I lost a very dear cat without knowing the medical cause, at a sadly young age.  My soul needed this book very much!

(14)  “The House On Cabra”  June Wetherell  1966
This heroine uses her Grandpa’s diary, letter, personal papers, and newspaper archives to solve an old mystery and unknown ownership of a decrepid hotel.

(15)  “The Tale Of Castle Cottage”  Susan Wittig Albert  2011
The conclusion of mysteries about Beatrix Potter, using her diaries and letters to follow her Lake District timeline realistically.

(16)  “Murder In Scorpio”  Martha C. Lawrence  1995
This new sleuth borrows letters and journals from a victim to track down her acquaintances and co-workers.

(17)  “Death Of A Hired Man”  Eric Wright  2001
Notes are left with neighbours and letters exchanged between Toronto and England, as a man includes his unfamiliar son and Granddaughters in his will.

(18) “The Ransom Game” Howard Engel 1981
A letter is crucial to the outcome of this Niagara Falls-region story.  Newspapers are utilized in this blissful pre computer-dependent period and there are postcards from the hero’s parents!

20th Century – 02
Victorian – 05
Renaissance – 10
Medieval Reader  – 15
Ancient History – 25
Pre ~ Historic  – 50+

I believe I can achieve “Renaissance” easily.  Here are novels that might fit.

The Flanders Panel”  Arturo Pérez-Reverte  1990
Ghost Ship”  P.J. Alderman  2011
The Witch Of Blackbird Pond”  Elizabeth George Speare  1958
The Stone Angel”  Margaret Laurence  1964
The Tomorrow-Tamer”  Margaret Laurence  1963
A Jest Of God”  Margaret Laurence  1966
Crocodile On The Sandbank”  Elizabeth Peters  1975
The Quicksilver Pool”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1955
The Clue In The Diary”  Mildred A. Wirt  1931
(10)  “The Ghost & The Dead Deb”  Alice Kimberly  2005

Sea Jade”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1964
Eerie Tales Of The Old West”  Emily, Joe West  1991
Pleasing The Ghost”  Sharon Creech  1996
Time For Andrew”  Mary Downing Hahn  1994
My Cousin Rachel”  Daphne Du Maurier  1951
The Doll In The Garden”  Mary Downing Hahn  1989
Mystery Of The Golden Horn”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1962
The Curse Of The Pharaohs”  Elizabeth Peters  1981
The Tale Of Oat Cake Crag”  Susan Wittig Albert  2010
(20)  “Light A Penny Candle”  Maeve Binchy  1982

The Curse Of The Giant Hogweed”  Charlotte MacLeod  1985
Mariana”  Susanna Kearsley  1994
The Black Joke”  Farley Mowat  1962
Two Moons In August”  Martha Brooks  1991
Come Like Shadows”  Welwyn Wilton Katz  1993
Remedy For Treason”  Caroline Roe  1998
(26) “Cure For A Charlatan”  Caroline Roe  1999

Short-Order Cook  1 – 3
Pastry Chef  04 – 08
Sous-Chef  09 – 13
Chef De Cuisine  14 – 18
Cordon-Bleu Chef  19 +

I’m going to cautiously re-join at “Pastry Chef” again.  I own an enormous supply of food ‘cozy’ fiction but have kept finding that other subjects override it.  If I can raise the bar, believe me that I shall.  Update:  I aced it better than I imagined.  Hooray!

The Black Joke”  Farley Mowat  1962
The Cat Who Saw Red”  Lilian Jackson Braun  1986
Mystery At Cranberry Farm”  Lynn Manuel  1981
Return To Cranberry Farm”  Lynn Manuel  1990
Scone Cold Dead”  Kaitlyn Dunnett  2008
The Merlot Murders”  Ellen Crosby  2006
The Tale Of Oat Cake Crag”   Susan Wittig Albert  2010
The Tale Of Castle Cottage”  Susan Wittig Albert  2011
Ghost Of A Chance”  Yasmine Galenorn  2003
Eggs In Purgatory”  Laura Childs  2008
Gunpowder Green”  Laura Childs  2002
(12)  “A Taste For Murder”  Claudia Bishop  1994


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