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Merry Christmas and happy, new 2014 to everyone!  I look forward to premiering my own challenges February 1st:  joined by my readers too, I hope!  :)
I support many.  Here are groups I’m happily re-joining and discovering.


 Challenges:  7×1, 7×2, 7×3.
Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe,
North America, South America, Seventh Continent
(Antarctica:  the sea, space, a supernatural world, history, the future – you name it).

I will have no trouble rising to three of each continent, except Africa and South America.  However I’m determined to fulfill those next year, at the highest levels too!  Kerrie’s theme, in Australia, is firmly a favourite.


The Man In The Brown Suit”  Agatha Christie  (SOUTH AFRICA)
The Tomorrow-Tamer”  Margaret Laurence  (WEST AFRICA)
Crocodile On The Sandbank”  Elizabeth Peters  (EGYPT)

Mystery Of The Golden Horn”  Phyllis A. Whitney  (TURKEY)
“The Gabriel Hounds”  Mary Stewart  (LEBANON)
“Night Of Secrets”  June Wetherell  (LEBANON)
“Incident At Badyama”  Dorothy Gilman  (BURMA)

Le Premier Nöel De La Famille LaTaupe”  Russell Hoban  (ENGLAND)
“Light A Penny Candle”  Maeve Binchy  1982  (IRELAND)
“The Mystery Of Saint Salgue”  Paul Berna  1962  (FRANCE)

“Mansion Of Evil”  Caroline Farr  1966  (AUSTRALIA)
“The Forgotten Garden”  Kate Morton  2008  (AUSTRALIA)
“The Vines Of Yarrabee”  Dorothy Eden  1969  (NEW ZEALAND)

The Gift Of The Frost Fairy”  Sheila J. Bleeks  (WINNIPEG, MANITOBA)
Mystery Of Disaster Island”  Ann Rivkin  (BRITISH COLUMBIA)
The Stone Angel”  Margaret Laurence  (NEEPAWA, MANITOBA)

What The Witch Left”  Ruth Chew  (MÉXICO)
“The House On Cabra”  June Wetherell  (ISLA CABRA)
“The Alchemist”  Paul Coelho  (BRAZIL)
“The Lost Steps”  Alejo Carpentier  (AMAZON RIVER)

Time For Andrew”  Mary Downing Hahn  (TIME TRAVEL)
“The Summer Tree”  Guy Gavriel Kay  (FIONAVAR)
“Through The Door”  Jodi McIsaac  (FANTASY REALM)
The Monsters Within”  Corvus Winchester  (CASA DE REDENCIÓN)



 Jackie seems so busy;  at my third return, I’ve never heard from her at my blog, nor after a comment query.  Perhaps 2014 is the charm year to have the pleasure of her “hello” in my post!  Her theme is a useful indicator of how many new authors we’ve experienced.


Amateur:  choose 1 – 25
LOVER:  choose 26 – 50
EXPERT:  choose 51 – 75
Fanatic:  choose 76+ new

I’ve suddenly discovered another outlet for new author experiences, at last!  This lovely hostess answers questions right away, perhaps the benefit of a smaller group.  It’s clear her categories are more flexible, offering a lot of quantity options in between her levels.  What a pleasure.  I’ll choose “Lover” but I’ll bet I can do “Expert”.  Her poster is beautiful!  The same book list applies to both groups.


The Flanders Panel”  Arturo Pérez-Reverte  1990
Elsewhere”  William Peter Blatty  1999
The Monsters Within”  Corvus Winchester  2013
Le Premier Nöel De La Famille LaTaupe”  Russell Hoban  1969
Mystery Of Disaster Island”  Ann Rivkin  1975
Witch In The House”  Ruth Chew  1975
The Witch Of Blackbird Pond”  Elizabeth George Speare  1958
The Scariest Stories You’ve Ever Heard”  Mark Mills  1988
The Gift Of The Frost Fairy”  Sheila J. Bleeks  1976
The Mystery Of Pony Hollow”  Lynn Hall  1978
The Stone Angel”  Margaret Laurence  1964
Eerie Tales Of The Old West”  Emily, Joe West  1991
Pleasing The Ghost”  Sharon Creech  1996 
Time For Andrew”  Mary Downing Hahn  1994
My Cousin Rachel”  Daphne DuMaurier  1951
Ghost Of A Chance”  Yasmine Galenorn  2003
The Other Side Of Dark”  Joan Lowery Nixon  1986
The Cat Who Could Read Backwards”  Lilian Jackson Braun  1966
“That Quail, Robert”  Margaret A. Stanger  1966
“Caught Dead In Philadelphia”  Gillian Roberts  1987
“Death On Demand”  Carolyn G. Hart  1987
(22)  “The Merlot Murders”  Ellen Crosby  2006
“Mariana”  Susanna Kearsley  1994
“The Black Joke”  Farley Mowat  1962

“Through The Door”  Jodi McIsaac  2012
“Prevailing Spirits”  Giles Gordon  1976


What's In A Name 2014 

 Ahhh, flexible and open word games are the way to have fun with titles!  This is my second participation with “What’s In A Name“, which proposes two categories that closely resemble mine, in Gentle Spectrums“!  It shall be easy to fulfill this new hostess’s five words.  Her banner is beautiful.


•  A reference to time.  (Eleven Minutes, Before Ever After)
•  A position of royalty.  (The People’s Queen, The Last Empress)
•  A number written in letters.  (The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms)
•  A forename or names.  (The Unfinished Work Of Elizabeth D)
•  A type or element of weather.  (Red Earth Pouring Rain)
•  A school subject.  (Get creative;  use a magical subject if you wish)

Cold Midnight In Vieux Québec”  Eric Wilson  1989
The Curse Of The Pharaohs”  Elizabeth Peters  1981
Then Came Two Women”  Charlotte Armstrong  1962
Time For Andrew”  Mary Downing Hahn  1994
The Gift Of The Frost Fairy”  Sheila J. Bleeks  1976
The Cat Who Could Read Backwards”  Lilian Jackson Braun  1966


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