Animals VII & Classic Children!

I’m concluding and introducing brilliantly-themed challenges….  with “a hat trick”!  That’s a hockey term:  3 goals scored by the same person.  Let’s reduce traffic for subscribers who prefer my articles and score 3 objectives in the same post!



This theme in which I partook is very different:  12 children’s books published by 1960.  The hostess clarifed the word “classic” in her title.  Whether at thrift stores or garage sales, I find a great deal of darling books not well known.  The intended synonym is “old”.  Visit my original post below and find eclectic reviews of less-known and infamous children’s literature.




Animals appearing in the title, on the cover, in a major role.

LEVEL 1     1 – 06
LEVEL 2     7 – 12
LEVEL 3         13+


“Le Premier Nöel De La Famille”  Russell Hoban  1969
“What The Witch Left”  Ruth Chew  1973
“Witch In The House”  Ruth Chew  1975
“Mystery Of Disaster Island”  Ann Rivkin  1975
“Vampires Of Ottawa”  Eric Wilson  1984
“Code Red At The Supermall”  Eric Wilson  1988
“Terror In Winnipeg”  Eric Wilson  1979
“Cold Midnight In Vieux Québec”  Eric Wilson  1989
“The Man In The Brown Suit”  Agatha Christie  1924
“The Secret Of Red Gate Farm”  Mildred A. Wirt  1931

“Elsewhere”  William Peter Blatty  1999
“The Secret Of The Old Mill”  Leslie McFarlane  1927
“Angel’s Verdict”  Mary Stanton  2011
“Angel Condemned”  Mary Stanton  2011
“Witch Of Blackbird Pond”  Elizabeth George Speare  1958
“Scariest Stories You’ve Ever Heard”  Mark Mills  1988
“The Mystery Of Pony Hollow”  Lynn Hall  1978
“Eggs In Purgatory”  Laura Childs  2008
“Gunpowder Green”  Laura Childs  2002
(20) “Iggy’s House”  Judy Blume 1970

“The Stone Angel”  Margaret Laurence  1964
“Crocodile On The Sandbank”  Elizabeth Peters  1975
“The Quicksilver Pool”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1955
“The Clue In The Diary”  Mildred A. Wirt  1931
“The Ghost & The Dead Deb”  Alice Kimberly  2005
“Sea Jade”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1964
“Time For Andrew”  Mary Downing Hahn  1994
“My Cousin Rachel”  Daphne Du Maurier  1951
(29) “The Doll In The Garden”  Mary Downing Hahn  1989





The same New York, USA hostess “Yvonne“, runs “Finish The Series” and “Cruising Through Cozies”.  She provides a link on her blog and clicking it results in food donated to animals in need.  Try it when you view either of the links through my badges on this page.

I’d like to mention she named her popular website after her dear cat, “Socrates”.  He passed away in November 2012.  I was shown photos of he, “Trini”, and “Geiger” who went to Heaven in 2009 and June 2012.  They are lovely.  I dedicate my post to the three of them.


1)  All volumes of a series qualify.
2)  It doesn’t matter if you have only 1 more to complete the goal, it qualifies.
3)  Yvonne likes to include recent volumes available reasonably early in the year.  There is no problem if you were unable to obtain it, or don’t plan to continue a series past what you own.


Level 1  Complete 01 series.
Level 2  Complete 02 series.
Level 3  Complete 3+ series.


Ghost Ship”  P.J. Alderman  2011
Angel’s Verdict”  Mary Stanton  2010
Angel Condemned”  Mary Stanton  2011
These are genuinely finished.

The Irish Cairn Murder”  Dicey Deere  2003
A Taste For Murder”  Claudia Bishop  1994
I couldn’t bear any more of these.  I’m only short one Dicey Deere.


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  1. yvonne473 says:

    Thanks for joining us! Have fun with it!

  2. yvonne473 says:

    Thank you so much for your lovely dedication to my fur babies. That was incredible sweet. I got teary eyed reading it.

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