Vintage Mysteries 2013 & 2014

I have loved mystery all of my life.  Just this Hallowe’en (which I spell the old way), I wrote a fun “Find the next envelope” quest for my neighbour’s children!  I was dearly rewarded they found it exhilirating.  I will lead them to their candy with hidden clues next year.  Creating ambiance, writing even little mysteries, and treating these darling children is my pleasure.  All of my life gothic mysteries, classic plotters, and the modern cozy variety have wonderfully entertained me.

I close “Vintage Mystery 2013” and describe my commitment to “Silver / Gold Mystery 2014“!   My favourite is anything but crime as a mystery.  I don’t relate to detectives or police.  I happily continue as ‘Bev’s’ guest, content a mystery is a mystery, if we adhere to her spectrum of publication years.  I avidly follow the greats:  Phyllis A. Whitney, Dorothy Gilman, Charlotte Armstrong, Dorothy Eden proliferated from the 1960s to the 1980s.  The inclusion of my mainstay eras is to my delight.  I join at “Silver“!  I love to push the envelope.  Since Bev has retained a 1959 division, I might just tackle it too.

Original 2013 post:

19.  Planes, Trains, Horses!  mode of transportation in a vital way.

The Secret Of Shadow Ranch”  Mildred A. Wirt  1931
13.  Staging The Crime:  musical event, pageant, magician.
Murder On The Links”  Agatha Christie  1923
36.  Hobbies Can Be Murder:  mystery with a hobby.
Fer-De-Lance”  Rex Stout  1934
02.  Murder by the numbers:  with a number, quantity in the title.
The Sign Of Four”  Arthur Conan Doyle  1890
30.  Serial Killers:  originally published in serial format.
Too Many Ghosts”  Paul Gallico  1959
22.  Repeat Offenders:  one of your favourite authors.
Catch As Catch Can”  Charlotte Armstrong  1952
35.  Genuine Fakes:  Authors who wrote under a pseudonym.
The Tower Treasure”  Leslie McFarlane  1927

It’s February 26th, 2014.  I have a bingo!  :-)  Silver:  bottom horizontal.

Code Red At The Supermall”  Eric Wilson  1988  (entertainment world)
Then Came Two Women”  Charlotte Armstrong  1962  (woman in the title)
Mystery Of Disaster Island”  Ann Rivkin  1975  (mode of transportation)
Vampires Of Ottawa”  Eric Wilson  1984  (outside of my comfort zone)
The Green Gables Detectives”  Eric Wilson  1987  (replace to -> detective team)
What The Witch Left”  Ruth Chew  1973  (set in the USA)

It’s March 24th, 2014.  Another bingo.  Gold:  left diagonal.

The Secret Of Red Gate Farm”  Mildred A. Wirt  1931  (colour)
The Quicksilver Pool”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1955  (replace number –> water)
The Clue In The Diary”  Mildred A. Wirt  1931  (amateur detective)
The House On The Cliff”  Leslie McFarlane  1927  (professional detective)
The Man In The Brown Suit”  Agatha Christie  1924  (set in England)
The Secret Of The Old Mill”  Leslie McFarlane  1927  (set in the USA)

 Vintage Mystery Gold

It’s April 14th, 2014 and I’m trying for a full “SILVER” card!

Row 1”  (left – right)

Mystery Of The Golden Horn”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1962
A Single Death”  Eric Wright  1986
Terror In Winnipeg”  Eric Wilson  1979
The Doll In The Garden”  Mary Downing Hahn  1989
The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern”  Lilian Jackson Braun  1967
The Cat Who Turned On And Off”  Lilian Jackson Braun  1968

Row 2

False Face”  Welwyn Wilton Katz  1987
The Seventh Mourner”  Dorothy Gardiner  1964
The Other Side Of Dark”  Joan Lowery Nixon  1986
Mansion Of Evil”  Caroline Farr  1966
Cold Midnight In Vieux Québec”  Eric Wilson  1989
The House On Cabra”  June Wetherell  1966

Row 3

The Ransom Game”  Howard Engel  1981
The Cat Who Saw Red”  Lilian Jackson Braun  1986
The Cat Who Could Read Backwards”  Lilian Jackson Braun  1966
Smoke Detector”  Eric Wright  1984
The Mystery Of Saint-Salgue”  Paul Berna  1962
Curse Of The Giant Hogweed”  Charlotte MacLeod  1985

Row 4

The Family Vault”  Charlotte MacLeod  1979
Mystery At Cranberry Farm”  Lynn Manuel  1981
The Cater Street Hangman”  Anne Perry  1979
The Withdrawing Room”  Charlotte MacLeod  1980
Australia Golden Dagger Mysteries”  Stephen Knight  1988
Crocodile On The Sandbank”  Elizabeth Peters  1975

Row 5

The Night The Gods Smiled”  Eric Wright  1983
The Suicide Murders”  Howard Engel  1980
The Secrets Of Hidden Creek”  Wylly Folk St. John  1966
Mystery At Star Lake”  Margaret Goff Clark  1965
Death In The Old Country”  Eric Wright  1985
Ammie, Come Home”  Barbara Michaels  1968

Row 6

Code Red At The Supermall”  Eric Wilson  1988
Then Came Two Women”  Charlotte Armstrong  1962
Mystery Of Disaster Island”  Ann Rivkin  1975
Vampires Of Ottawa”  Eric Wilson  1984
The Green Gables Detectives”  Eric Wilson  1987
What The Witch Left”  Ruth Chew  1973

*  My silver bingo card has been full since October 5th, 2014!  *


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5 Responses to Vintage Mysteries 2013 & 2014

  1. Bev Hankins says:

    Congratulations on finishing the 2013 challenge! And welcome to the 2014 edition! Having completed 16 books, you automatically qualify for a prize–if you’d like to collect, send me an email at phryne1969 AT gmail DOT com and I’ll fix you up with the prize list.

    • You’re so sweet. Thank you for visiting this post, encouraging and positive of demeanour! :) In fairness I force myself to wait briefly. I listed the lot but need to finish the last couple. I can’t wait to see if you have some of the oldies I need!

  2. Bev Hankins says:

    Congratulations on successfully completing two Bingos and earning an automatic prize! Since there will be a special bonus prize for anyone who covers a whole card, I’m going to wait to offer up the prize list until the end of the year–that way I’ll only be doing one mailing per prize winner.

  3. Bev Hankins says:

    Congratulations again! Once all the wrap-up posts are linked, I’ll be organizing my prize-giving. I’ll be sending you an email with prize-goodie details as soon as possible after January 7. Happy New Year, Carolyn!

    • Priority #1 is “Service For Two”. Did you say we may read this year what you send; because they were earned in 2014? I needn’t have worried earlier on about rushing. I won my selection at the beginning of the year. :) If that Kate Kingsbury is AWOL, I’ll look forward to what else is in the tickle trunk. Happy new year to you too, Bev!

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