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Colourful Read 2013


The mission (spelled with a Canadian ‘U’ if you please!) is to read 9 books containing any hues.  As long as identical colours aren’t repeated, you can utilize absolutely any hue even from the same spectrum.  This is much more flexible than other circles I’ve seen, which I appreciate.  Based on what I have at home, here are my choices below.


Black Amber”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1964
Mystery At Black Rock Island”  Robert Sutherland  1983
Time For The White Egret”  Natalie Savage Carlson  1978
The Mystery At Lilac Inn”  Mildred A. Wirt  1930
The Case Of The Golden Boy”  Eric Wilson  1994
Red Fox And His Canoe”  Nathaniel Benchley  1964
Green Apple Street Blues”  Ted Staunton  1987
“The Quick Silver Pool”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1955
“Blue Fire”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1961
“The Man In The Brown Suit”  Agatha Christie  1924


Reading Ireland 2013


I rejoin this portion of family background for another pleasant plunge of Irish flavour.  Last year, I gingerly chose low but managed to read like the wind and reach the second-highest.  I therefore sign-up at level II, “Luck O’ The Irish”.


The Shamrock    4 books
Luck O’ The Irish  6 books
Kiss Blarney Stone  8 books
Level Ceilidh     10+ books


“Irish Cures, Mystic Charms, Superstitions”  Lady Wilde  1991
“The Irish Cottage Murder”  Dicey Deere  1999
“The Irish Manor House Murder”  Dicey Deere  2000
“Light A Penny Candle”  Maeve Binchy  1982
“Star Sullivan”  Maeve Binchy  2006





A Canadian is covering another part of my heritage:  Scottish!  My good old library has ample selection to accommodate this too and I was hoping to find such a circle in which to enlist.  I’m confident committing to level II, “Lass” and will read from a selection long waiting.  The group ceases well before Christmas, November 30.

   1 – 3
LASS     4 – 7
LAIRD   8 – 11
Queen Of Scots  12 +


Thunder On The Right”  Mary Stewart  1957
The Salzburg Connection”  Helen MacInnes  1968
Black Rock Island”  Robert Sutherland  1983
“The Ghost Of Ramshaw Castle”  Robert Sutherland  1989
“Death Island”  Robert Sutherland  1994
“If Books Could Kill”  Kate Carlisle  2010

“The Hills Is Lonely”  Lillian Beckwith  1959
“Kilt Dead”  Kaitlyn Dunnett  2007
“Scone Cold Dead”  Kaitlyn Dunnett  2008
“The Sign Of Four”  Arthur Conan Doyle  1890

“Shadowy Horses”  Susanna Kearsley  1997
“The Winter Sea”  Susanna Kearsley  2008
“The Black Book”  Ian Rankin  1993
“The Falls”  Ian Rankin  2001


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