Theme-Closing Combo

I am passionate about numerous subjects but 16 activities I partcipated in -from about September to December- toppled the reading topic.  I thank my non-bookie subscribers for bearing with that.  Stay tuned for a variety of great subjects I’m going to have fun with.  To minimize ‘closing posts’ that some activities require:  I am combining them.

It takes diligence to be available to questions all year.  I’m impressed by the creativity of the themes and gape at the gorgeous banner logos.  They entice me!  Thank you hosts, for a 1/2 year of theme-juggling (I joined most 8 months late) that I took to with delight.  I silently include my rule with all of these:  I draw from the private library of what I own!

Vintage MysteryOriginal Post:

Bev defines ‘vintage’ as preceding 1960.  Contestants read 8 and additionally worked with a theme (see my original blog).  ‘Deadly decades’, #7 looked toughest so of course that’s what I set my mind to!  I cherish old authors but Bev got me to dip lower than usual.

 Deadly Decades:  7 from each time period + your choice
(pre-1900, 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s)

1.  Arthur Conan Doyle  “A Study In Scarlet”  1887
2.  Mary Roberts Rinehart  “The Man In Lower Ten”  1909
3.  Mary Roberts Rinehart  “The After House”  1914 
4.  Agatha Christie  “The Mysterious Affair At Styles”  1920
5.  Mildred A. Wirt  “The Bungalow Mystery”  1930
6.  Mildred A. Wirt  “The Secret In The Old Attic”  1944
7.  Phyllis A. Whitney  “The Trembling Hills”  1956
8.  Phyllis A. Whitney  “The Mystery Of The Green Cat”  1957

Witches Reading ChallengeOriginal Post:

Initiate:  01 – 05 books
Maiden:  06 – 10 books
Mother:  11 – 15 books
Crone:     16 – 20 books

What’s interesting to note is this was my introduction to witches.  Ghosts are my forté but I enjoyed the paranormal feel of this subject area.  The authors I rode along with below, present ‘the craft’ very differently and that was fun to observe:  some confronting evil, others merely healing with a form of prayer and herbs.  I got all the way to level ‘crone’.  Felice Holman’s story is wonderful for children, if you’re lucky to find it like I was!

1)  FELICE HOLMAN    “The Witch On The Corner”  1966
2)  DOROTHY EDEN    “Shadow Of A Witch”  1962
3)  SHIRLEY DAMSGAARD    “Witch Way To Murder”  2005
4)  SHIRLEY DAMSGAARD    “Charmed To Death”  2006
5)  SHIRLEY DAMSGAARD    “The Trouble With Witches”  2006
6)  SHIRLEY DAMSGAARD    “Witch Hunt”  2007

7)  JULIET BLACKWELL    “Secondhand Spirits”  2009
8)  JULIET BLACKWELL    “A Cast-Off Coven”  2010
9)  JULIET BLACKWELL    “Hexes And Hemlines”  2011

10) MADELYN ALT    “The Trouble With Magic”  2006 
11) MADELYN ALT    “A Charmed Death”   2006
12) MADELYN ALT    “Hex Marks The Spot”  2007
13) MADELYN ALT    “No Rest For The Wiccan”  2008
14) MADELYN ALT    “Where There’s A Witch”  2009
15) MADELYN ALT    “A Witch In Time”  2010
16) MADELYN ALT    “Home For A Spell”  2011


Off The ShelfOriginal Post:

I joined this warm circle to whittle down 30 of my books (‘making a dent’) and achieved well past the next level, ‘on a roll‘ at 52!  You may click the banner to see my original post and my reviews can be found on Bonnie’s site in the following logs:  #333-344, 348-349, 374-383, 440-459, 505-513.  Most exciting was to find I covered author’s birthplaces in 8 countries!

Lyn Hamilton    ~    CANADA
Phyllis A. Whitney    ~   JAPAN
Maeve Binchy    ~    IRELAND
Dorothy Gilman       ~       USA
Dorothy Eden    ~    NEW ZEALAND
Arthur Conan Doyle    ~    SCOTLAND
  Madelyn Alt    ~      GERMANY
Bryan Jeffrey Leech    ~    ENGLAND


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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