Carolyn concludes the year.

Happy new year to all of my visitors and peers!

It’s quiet, so my world-wide friends must have whooped it up last night.  :)  My fiancé Ron & I watched a blu-ray that was a gift:  Canada’s Nia Verdalos in “My Life In Ruins”.  It was hilarious, about a Greek tour guide.  Our Christmas was lovely.  Using pumpkins we grew:  I cooked a vegetable curry soup, a pumpkin loaf, and two kinds of pumpkin cookies.  My parents happily made off with one of my loaves and cookie trays.  ;-)

We have a wonderful family of cats:  two moved with us two years ago.  The apartment banned pets, so we banned the city!  We adopted one more on our arrival an hour away.  She bore four infants and we kept them together (spaid of course).  McCartney, 12 year-old Siamese snowshoe and Spirit, 8 year-old grey tabby are familiar with my parent’s place because they were babysat and joined family gatherings.  Now, we take turns bringing one of “the 5 new kitties” with us to see family, with McCartney or Spirit to comfort them.  It can take more than a year for cats to be comfortable riders but I’ve done this for years.  :)

Let’s welcome ourselves to the year 2013.  I hope it goes beautifully for us all!  I spent the end cramming in books and review-writing to complete all of the reading circles I joined.  I’m happy I succeeded at reaching highest or second highest criteria levels on them all regardless of my aim.

Self Challenge 2012

We need a variety of starting months, to avoid cramming at Christmas and new year’s eve, which did get in the way of my celebrations.  Hosts should break up the bulk of reading groups that span Jan 1 – Dec 31;  year after year.

The Canadian goes July – July, convenient and it matches Canada day.
The Irish is out of the way before Christmas, concluding November 30th.
European runs until January 30 but I beg Sarah to allow author repeats.  ;)

Friends and newcomers:  how were your November and December?  Admittedly, 2012 was the last year of my thirties!  I bid them farewell with reluctance because I’m not a wife or Mom yet and am a very young type.  However a friend passed away, of the same age.  Here’s to your last year of life, Eileen!  She is a good reason to enjoy all of the additional years that greet me.  Feel free to tell me I don’t seem anywhere near this digit!  Now, allow me to give you a moment of humour.  :)  ~Yours, Carolyn~



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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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