Victorian To Edwardian Themed

Death By Gaslight


The theme of “Death By Gaslight” is mysteries set in, or written during the Victorian and Edwardian eras:  1837 – 1910.  Any location and publication date, as long as the time frame fits.  No more than 3 titles from the same series.  The hostess, who I hope sees my contribution, pleasantly said she’d love the company.  I don’t read or watch period pieces, so I’m glad of a forum to add six titles that suit this criteria.  I truly compliment the banner makers of these circles for such gorgeous artwork.  I surpass level I “Merry Widow Of Windy Nook” by one.

There are 4 levels:
1.  Merry Widow Of Windy Nook  5 books
2.  Palmer The Poisoner      10 books
3.  Burke & Hare Body Snatchers  15 books
4.  Jack The Ripper      20+ books


Here is how my titles fit.  I bid you to enjoy my reviews of each.  Arthur Conan Doyle’s premiere novel, “A Study In Scarlet” and Mary Robert Rinehart’s “The Man In Lower Ten” were composed between 1837 and 1910.

Susan Wittig Albert has a series about Beatrix Potter solving mysteries while she wrote her infamous children’s stories.  Other than the Sawrey sleuthing, “The Cottage Tales” follow the early 1900s timeline of Beatrix Potter’s true history.

Most compelling for me was “The Trembling Hills”, a 1956 Phyllis A. Whitney masterpiece, who is one of my literature heroines.  She usually wrote in her current era but this novel was an outrageously haunting, exciting gothic mystery whose characters also endured San Francisco’s 1906 earthquake!


1.  Arthur Conan Doyle “A Study In Scarlet”  1887

2.  Mary Roberts Rinehart “The Man In Lower Ten” 1909

3.  Phyllis A. Whitney  “The Trembling Hills”  1956

4.  Susan Wittig Albert  “The Tale Of Hawthorn House” 2007

5.  Susan Wittig Albert  “The Tale Of Briar Bank”  2008

6.  Susan Wittig Albert  “The Tale Of Applebeck Orchard” 2009

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