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Seconds Challenge

The most original reading activity I’ve seen is “Seconds Challenge“.  This post is a required introduction.  It is by the same hostess of “First In A Series”, where book collectors account for series or authors we tried out.  I find this one considerably more satisfying.  It is for sharing extension of enjoyment, accompanied by a flexible choice.  List books that fall as volume II of any kind, or our second time with an author overall.

I love this detail, which lets us include standalone titles.  It says something when we want more of a writer.  If a volume II is our sole sample so far, it still gets to fit in.  I joined this circle latest of all or my eye would be on level IV.  I do surpass level III of cute food analogies, ‘a full plate‘.  Please explore my titles below.

Just a spoonful – 3 books are 2nd in a series, or second time with the author.
A few more bites – 6 books are 2nd in a series, or second time with the author.
A full plate 12 books are 2nd in a series, or second time with the author.
All you can eat – 20+ books 2nd in a series, or second time with the author.

1    DOROTHY GILMAN  “The Maze In The Heart Of The Castle”  1983

2  MILDRED A. WIRT  “The Secret In The Old Attic”  1944

3  DOROTHY EDEN  “Shadow Of A Witch”  1962

5  MARY ROBERTS RINEHART “The Man In Lower Ten” 1909

6    LYN HAMILTON  “The Maltese Goddess”  1998

7    NANCY ATHERTON  “Aunt Dimity’s Good Deed”  1994

8  MAEVE BINCHY  “Dublin 4”  1982

9    MIRANDA JAMES  “Classified As Murder”  2011

10    REBECCA M. HALE  “Nine Lives Last Forever”  2009

11    MADELYN ALT  “A Charmed Death”  2006

12    SHIRLEY DAMSGAARD “Charmed To Death”  2006

13  JULIET BLACKWELL  “A Cast-Off Coven”  2010


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