Contest using series starters.

First In A Series 

How ludicrous it must seem to commit in December when most contests end.  It’s easy to just begin, quite a while before declaring it.  With a telephone modem, there’s no whipping anything up.  I *can* start Christmas baking while pages load!  To avoid frequent notifications for my subscribers, I generally stick to one post per day.  Then too, visibilit of each isn’t missed by newer, hasty succession.

{To wonderful subscribers who aren’t book worms, be assured I discuss other things as well.  This is my blog for great topics even if reading sometimes lands at the forefront.  I have a hilarious 80s portrait activity in mind, for instance and this is the first I’ve uttered about it.  Stay tuned if you’re keen}! 

This “First In A Series” reading circle is a really fun idea.  If you’re like me, you take advantage of sales without completing series you already have.  Finding the mates to acquisitions can be a quest later.  Had I heard of these contests January 1 when they started, I’d easily hit the top but happily reach level III‘series expert’.  Let’s see what I manage before the month is through.

¦ Series Novice:  3 books that are the first in any series.
¦ Series Lover:  6 books that are the first in any series.
¦ Series Expert:  12 books that are the first in a series.  —>  I am here!
¦ Series Fanatic:  20 books that are the first in a series.


 1   Agatha Christie    “The Mysterious Affair At Styles”  1920
3   Nancy Atherton    “Aunt Dimity’s Death”  1993
4   Madelyn Alt    “The Trouble With Magic”  2006
5   Miranda James    “Murder Past Due”  2010
6   Lyn Hamilton    “The Xibalba Murders”  1997
7   Shirley Damsgaard    “Witch Way To Murder”  2005
8   Juliet Blackwell    “Secondhand Spirits”  2009
9   Rebecca M. Hale    “How To Wash A Cat”  2008
10  Dana Cameron    “Site Unseen”  2002
11 Dorothy Gilman    “The Tightrope Walker”  1979
11 Victoria Laurie    “What’s A Ghoul To Do”  2007
12 Casey Daniels    “Don Of The Dead”  2010
13 Arthur Conan Doyle  “A Study In Scarlet”  1887
14  Rose Wyler, Gerald Ames “Spooky Tricks”  1968


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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