I surpassed the Irish book challenge!

Ireland Reading Challenge


I was drawn to this circle for my heritage but thought it one of the trickiest.  I’ve been building an extremely well-varied collection of books all my life, largely unopened.  My personal rule for these special events is to use my material.  It’s a thrill to shop my own library, see how many themes it fulfills.  I thought I might be sparse on Irish literature and selected entry level:  ‘shamrock’.  I found myself able to increase that pledge and added additional reviews;  which makes me proud because I’d never heard of these until late June, when they typcially begin January 1st!  My original post is here.


Shamrock level:  4 books
Luck O’ The Irish level:  6 books
Kiss Blarney Stone:  8 books  —>  I surpassed this!
Ceilidh level:  10+ books


It’s a traffic jam, that most conclude December 31.  The Canadian goes July to July (our nation’s birthday) and this closes tonight, November 30.  I’m glad to alleviate as many as I can before next month.  This earlier deadline got me grooving, because I became determined to rise an additional level!  It meant squeezing in a surplus book unrelated to this theme, so I had to plan strategically and be quick!  Lyn Hamilton’s “The Celtic Riddle” fit perfectly but first, I breezed through its prequel, the “Moche Warrior”.  In rapid succession I went through those two and finished Maeve Binchy’s wonderful “This Year It Will Be Different” tonight.

Unexpected situations made me really race to the crux.  I was happy to celebrate my birthday November 18th;  even if wary of what happens to be a large milestone, to me.  :)  With festivities Saturday then my real birthday the next day, reading paused.  An unfortunate cold my fiancé brought from work;  made me too sick to read for days I wanted to maximize!  I got better but after my birthday, I suddenly learned of the death of a close friend.  I devoted myself to frequent contact with her husband and of course attending her church service.  I got back on track and finished the doubly-surpassed goals I set for myself with this very friendly group.

Thank you for hosting, Carrie!  Here is what I read and reviewed.  I’m excited to include several bonus categories:  memoir, fantasy, contemporary fiction, children’s, historical fiction.  Thanks to Lyn Hamilton’s fabulous 2000 novel, I suddenly learned what ‘ceilidh’ is ~ I’d wondered.  It is a musical gathering.  :-)


Aches & Pains”, Maeve Binchy, 1999   **Memoir**
Dublin 4”, Maeve Binchy, 1982  **Short Stories**
The Lilac Bus”, Maeve Binchy, 1984  **Short Stories**
This Year It Will Be Different“, Maeve Binchy, 1996

It Must Have Been McNutt”, Bryan Jeffery Leech, 1974 **Fantasy**
The Gathering”, Anne Enright, 2007   **Contemporary Fiction**

The Secret Of Cravenhill Castle”, Angela Elwell Hunt, 1993 **Children’s**
The Celtic Riddle”, Lyn Hamilton, 2000  **Historical Fiction**


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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2 Responses to I surpassed the Irish book challenge!

  1. So glad you read along with us – and congrats on surpassing your goal. :) Be sure and come back next week to comment on the giveaway post!

    • Hi – just wanted you to know that I will fix your name in the review list – I am so sorry for misspelling it! And be sure and visit tomorrow to enter the giveaway. Short stories absolutely count as a genre, so definitely count that as one of your entries. :)

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