Silly name but love the genre.

Isn’t ‘cozy’ a stupid name for novels?  I love a paranormal aura.  Like gothics, some authors continue to write ghost stories:  EJ Copperman, Alice Kimberly, Christie Fifield, PJ Alderman.  Whenever keeners throw around “nice cozy” in reviews, I wince!  The genre means stories propelled by character & plot instead of shock factor, gore, or violence.  It doesn’t mean they’re all cutesy.  My room is piled with memorable mysteries whose pages I turn until my fiancé begs the light off.  Our word for them ought to be better.

Nonetheless I’m pleased to belatedly join a group that likes these series.  I easily choose challenge level 3, with the following books.  I’m a super sleuth!  I’d really enjoy it if folks listed release year with titles.  I’m the same way with music:  era says a lot about us and the entertainment.  Show first publication, not your copy of a re-print.  I’ll add feedback into the 3 review menus on this blog.  :)

Level at which I participate:
LEVEL 1    Snoop           6 books
LEVEL 2    Investigator   12 books
LEVEL 3    Super Sleuth   13+ books

Dorothy Gilman       “A Nun In The Closet”, 1976          (‘great fiction’ menu)
Miranda James          “Murder Past Due”, 2010                (‘great fiction’ menu)
Madelyn Alt               “The Trouble With Magic”, 2006    (‘great fiction’ menu)
Madelyn Alt               “A Charmed Death”, 2006             (‘great fiction’ menu)
Shirley Damsgaard   “Witch Way To Murder”, 2005       (‘great fiction’ menu)
Shirley Damsgaard   “Charmed To Death”, 2006           (‘great fiction’ menu)
Shirley Damsgaard  “The Trouble With Witches”, 2006  (‘great fiction’ menu)
Juliet Blackwell        “Second Hand Spirits”, 2009        (‘underwhelming’ menu)
Lyn Hamilton            “The Xibalba Murders”, 1997       (‘great fiction’ menu)
Lyn Hamilton            “The Maltese Goddess”, 1998      (‘great fiction’ menu)
Rebecca M. Hale       “How To Wash A Cat”, 2008        (‘great fiction’ menu)
Rebecca M. Hale       “Nine Lives Last Forever”, 2009    (‘great fiction’ menu)
Rebecca M. Hale       “How To Moon A Cat”  2010     (‘underwhelming’ menu)


January 1   ~   December 31


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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