Ideal shelf-cleaning event.

January 1  ~  December 31


When there’s one good community, might as well join them all!  “Off The Shelf” is a comfortable circle seeking pre-2012 acquisitions.  For example, Canadian Lyn Hamilton’s third novel is “Moche Warrior” but I just got it.  Instead I list “Celtic Warrior”, found earlier.  Since long-sitting titles describe most of my library building;  what a walk in the park!

Applying what I’ve read since January:  #3Making A Dent” of 30 books is already under my belt!  I’ll review all of those and rise to #4On A Roll”.  Having enjoyed a used sale on my anniversary August 4, I’m determined to read 50!  Paired with this, I commit to extra challenge #5,  authors of 4 countries;  3 are complete.  When I work on my Ireland challenge, my 4th culture will be in place.

One of the hostesses, Bonnie, is very nice and only asks you please not spell her name with a Y.  ;)  The same goes for RIEDEL (i + e) Fascination!  Menus atop this blog lead to where you can raise my rank.  I’ll keep adding reviews.

1.  Tempted         05 to read
2.  Trying            15 to read
3.  Make A Dent   30 to read
4.  On A Roll        50 to read
5.  Flying Off       75 to read
6.  Hoarder  76135 to read
7.  Buried   136200 to read

• World  ~ all from a country / setting.
• Tempted & Trying ~ 1 country
• A Dent & On A Roll ~  2 countries
• Flying & End Hoarder ~ 3 countries
• Buried ~  choose 4 countries
• Gender Battle ~  female/male authors, or equal.


Dorothy Gilman          “A Nun In The Closet”  1976
Dorothy Gilman          “The Tightrope Walker”  1979
Dorothy Gilman          “The Maze In The Heart Of The Castle”  1983
Mildred A. Wirt            “Nancy Drew, Secret In The Old Attic”  1944
Phyllis A. Whitney       “The Trembling Hills”  1956
Phyllis A. Whitney       “The Mystery Of The Green Cat”  1957
Phyllis A. Whitney       “The Golden Unicorn”  1976
Winifred Elze               “Here Kitty Kitty”  1996
Nancy Atherton           “Aunt Dimity’s Death”  1993
Nancy Atherton           “Aunt Dimity And The Duke”  1994
Nancy Atherton           “Aunt Dimity’s Good Deed”  1996
Casey Daniels             “Don Of The Dead”  2006
Casey Daniels             “The Chick And The Dead”  2007  *to be read
Richard Peck               “Ghosts I Have Been”  1977
Sylvia G. L. Dannet      “The Door To The Tower”  1966
Rebecca James             “Storm’s End”  1974
Anne Enright                “The Gathering”  2007  *in progress
Victoria Laurie             “What’s A Ghoul To Do”  2007
Susan Wittig Albert      “The Tale Of Hawthorn House”  2007
Susan Wittig Albert      “The Tale Of Briar Bank”  2008
Susan Wittig Albert      “The Tale Of Applebeck Orchard”  2009
Mary Roberts Rinehart  “The Man In Lower Ten”  1909
Mary Roberts Rinehart  “The After House”  1914
David Handler              “The Bright Silver Star”  2004
Dana Cameron             “Site Unseen”  2002
Beth Powning               “The Hatbox Letters”  2004
Amy Tan                      “The Hundred Secret Senses”  1995
Miranda James             “Murder Past Due”  2010
Rebecca M. Hale          “How To Wash A Cat”  2008
Rebecca M. Hale          “Nine Lives Last Forever”  2009
Madelyn Alt                 “The Trouble With Magic”  2006
Madelyn Alt                 “A Charmed Death”  2006
Madelyn Alt                 “Where There’s A Witch”  2009
Cynthia J. Faryon         “A War Bride’s Story:  Risking It All For Love”  2004
Shirley Damsgaard      “Witch Way To Murder”  2005
Shirley Damsgaard      “Charmed To Death”  2006
Shirley Damsgaard      “The Trouble With Witches”  2007
Shirley Damsgaard      “Witch Hunt”  2008
Lyn Hamilton              “The Xibalba Murders”  1997
Lyn Hamilton              “The Maltese Goddess”  1998
Lyn Hamilton              “The Celtic Riddle”  2000  *to be read


About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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