Vintage and I’m talking old!

January 1  ~  December 31

Wow, I joined ‘a hat trick’ of demanding circles but what’s the hockey term for a fourth!?  I think of Robin Williams’s parody on the impossibility of golf.  A vintage mystery challenge requests 8 books.  Easy – I read 60s & 70s all the time.  However we can’t use 1960 on the nose.  We’re talking 1959 and under!

You know my rule, don’t you?  My book activities utilize what I already own.  I can handle extra-old!  My collecting began with a bargain box at my childhood cottage store.  My shelves could squeeze in this challenge 5 times (were there time).  Ready for the hard part?

This devious hostess Bev, wants to additionally fit pre-1959 titles into very specific themes.  She allows us to devise our own but I don’t give up easily and will adhere to the game as-is.  There is a prize and we get entries for each theme we hit…  but we can’t mix sets.  It takes 8 additional books per theme to compete!

The hardest is #7Deadly Decades“.  I’d need 8 published in every qualifying decade, plus 1 older than 1900.  40s & 50s are easy and I found titles from 1909 and the 20s.  The 30s were sparse but I managed.  One left.  Could my own collection stretch as far as 1899?

I can do it!  On one shelf is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle unopened.  He was into short stories but there must be a few novels.  My eyes scanned the eras and were elated!  His first came out in 1887!  One of these days, I gotta show you this room.  Wish me luck, my fellow readers and follow how I do.  I’m in, Bev!  ~Carolyn~

********  VINTAGE THEMES  ********

01.  Colourful Crime
8 with colors in the title

02.  Murder By Numbers
8 with a number in the title

03.  Occupational Hazards
8 with a non-official investigator

04.  Perilous Policemen
8 with a policeman as primary investigator

05.  Lethal Locations
8 all about place (a manor house, hotel, cities/countries)

06.  Dangerous Beasts
8 with an animal in the title

07.  Deadly Decades
each period + your choice
(pre-1900; 1900-09; 1910-19; 1920-29; 1930-39; 1940-49; 1950-59)

08.  Golden Age Girls
8 female authors, or 8 with female detectives

09.  Cherchez l’homme
8 male authors, or 8 books with male detectives

10.  Murderous Miscellany
Get creative – surprise us!  Just don’t make the theme an author.


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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  1. I’m so glad you’re joining in! Good luck with those decades. ~Bev (aka The Devious One :-) )

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