Gauged By Covers!

It is said I buy any cover of a woman fleeing a house.  Forget a synopsis – I see what I need!  I could show you a pile of examples and make you laugh.  I wish I remembered the novel that must have ignited my attachment to ghost stories.  In a school reader, I found the best short story of my life.  A ghost pulled me in with such a spark, I devoured it before my class reached that section!  I wished there were a novel or sequel;  that I knew a name to look it up.  How I dove into a genre 30-50 years before my time, I can only attribute to the cottage!

When I was 12, Dad’s boyhood pal found Lester Beach.  Single, we were his family with our own keys, in the community of white-sanded Lake Winnipeg.  We were blessed!  At 16, during time off work I vacationed there weekdays, after my parents left.  A clattering family and rules were night & day from being lady of the house, with serene privacy.  The 1+ hour drive was joy, with my cat and a carton of LPs.  My uncle had a player to  record them on tape ~ a project!  My kitty loved it there, got excited as soon as she felt us approach the wilderness.  She was born of another precious cat when I was 9, on July 2!  Happy birthday ‘Minou’!

I swam and browsed the beach store.  A cardboard box was on the floor of used novels.  They were dirt cheap, maybe 25c and I bought every haunted-looking book it had.  As a kid cottaging with my parents and brothers, there wasn’t a summer without 1 – 2 bags overflowing.  I read on the deck, the beach, at home.  I kept grabbing deals – outdated titles are a plus!  University halted pleasure reading for years.  But there were garage sales, bargain bins, the Children’s Hospital started spreading tables across the mall.  When ‘Ebay’ came along I bought in bulk there too.  Kind USA sellers discovered an ‘M Bag’ option at their post office (try it).  They sent pounds of books for $11.00!  I have a picture of one haul.

McCartney & Spirit 2006.

I tried used shops later, trading what I dislike.  To distinguish what is unread, I store the read.  I bet it’s everyone’s dream to have a library.  I collect musician and author’s full work.  At our apartment with my fiancé I displayed unread ones in the livingroom, kitchen, bedroom…   My lifelong baby died when I was 30.  I found Amazon Canada when I was yearningly researching animals in Heaven.  I discovered animal communication and also stopped eating mammals.

She would be very happy for us and present kitties.  Less than 2 years ago my fiancé & I left the city.  The house is small but pretty like the land.  One selling point made up our minds.  A finished outbuilding!  Guess what we put in it?

Nineteenth Birthday. Copyright (C) 2006 Riedel Cards.


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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3 Responses to Gauged By Covers!

  1. seapunk2 says:

    Lots of years ago, I used the “M bag” option. The postmaster suggested it, because I had, what seemed like a ton of books to mail to one address. I was to just throw them in there, and that’s what I did. The books went to where they were needed.
    I don’t eat mammals, either. You are a pescatarian? Or should I say, Mangeur de poissons?

    • That was my first step upon her natural passing. Three years later, no chicken or turkey. Pescado “if restaurants had nothing better”. For more than a year, now that too is nada. Thanks for reading one of my stories on that kitty’s birthday!

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