Wicked Wildfire Feedback, All In 1.

‘Wicked Wildfire’ is my first read-a-thon.  Let me share how it’s been.  The mission is to get as many novels as we can, off of stagnated queues at home.  I jumped at it.  In fact I selected and predicted 7 novels!  I intended 5-day all nighter’s, doing little more than brushing teeth and showering.  Folks, I sheepishly report I’m still on novel 1!  Before we dig into reasons…

Rebecca, April, others invented fine challenges and mini prizes.  I feel a part of this, enthustiastic about how it can be even better.  Special gratefulness for including gift certificates for real books!  Challenges were marvellously creative and well varied.

Two 24-hour challenges cut into reading.  Start your day, wade through one activity.  By the time you check-in for progress;  the day is late, another challenge is due, and you haven’t read 1 page!  We want community events.  But to blow through a hoarde of books, we need to put aside our PCs and just read.  It was hard to get started orcontinue.  Reveal challenges at given times but leave them open until the end.  Anyone avoiding interruption can do them in one shot later.  The host will gather ample entries.  My fiancé remarked our flowerbeds are late!  A little real life + demanding contests = barely reading.  Ironically it is he I see reading now, outside in a lawnchair!

Time was lost browsing to see who won.  The generous hosts can’t guarantee what time winners will be listed so we search again and again (on a dial-up connection)!  We can avoid page-hopping if the read-a-thon chief puts the details in one spot, as it comes.  Also send an e-mail whenever a winner is unveiled.  This is information participants want and saves many of us from returning to websites at all. 

Some activity hosts specify prize type:  Canadian, 2012 publication, picks from their collections.  Preference is hard to hit.  With massive wish lists on Book Depository and Amazon, gift certificates are a very big help with whatever we need.  If we find 2 or 3 books at the price cap (for gift shipments), why not?  Thanks for listening.

The challenges themselves were inspiring!  Hostess of “name a beverage” was kind and personally acknowledging my entry.  On dial-up internet it is cumbersome to search photos.  I then created a post because I couldn’t see how to get pictures into a comment box.  My blog turned out very striking and I like it.  It took a while but it’ll introduce people to Canadian ghost heritage from 1957.  Nothing wrong with having a list of Silver Cloud ingredients handy either!

I solved the ‘defective’ quotation challenge without visual/title/author aids!  I thought the cover failure was on my end, so I forged ahead!  Perseverence factors into prize awarding, right?  :)  Even if randomly-drawn, I loved the quotation activity without clues!  With resourcefulness it was easy;  I finished before April offered a typed list! 

The beach scenario was cute, if picture-heavy.  I was grateful for a superficial query to keep moving.  One photo covered date, swim wear, and memorable beach.  I didn’t dream I’d show a swimsuit shot on the internet!  I ruefully wrote that they got a priviledged peek!  We’re under water, snorkling.  http://cabingoddess.com/2012/06/wicked-readathon/

I skipped one activity, with e-book prizes.  Too much work on dial-up for a bookmark, the alternative.  They were unable to offer a gift certificate so that left me out but I’m sure ‘kindle’ fans enjoyed it.

I loved the emergency response quiz.  Draws let a half-assed answer win as much as spending 2 hours thoughtfully.  But learning to think ahead is a critical exercise to real life.  (Laptops and phones aren’t ‘irreplaceable mementoes’)!  http://rebgeo.net/posts/wwrat-challenge-something-wicked-this-way-comes/

I was prompted to write the first song in years, “Trembling Bay Ballad“.  For judging and not a haphazard draw, I don’t mind what went into it.  Even for an internet game, my name on a piece of writing is taken seriously.  I hope the hosts found my effort noticeable and that I am a contender!  If the piece doesn’t seem to flow like poetry, it isn’t.  I heard the outlines of a melody as I composed it.  It’s meant to be sung.  Songs tell a story and have less frilly words.

I went all out on ‘song ties to what we’re reading’It is my favourite activity!  It asked nothing except responses in text and 1 video link.  Only 2 tasks were required so even that was voluntary.  I elected to perform them all!  It is a true contest:  judged.  I feel so pleased about it because this exercise allows me to showcase MUSIC to several other people.  I don’t doubt you’ll find something you like, which I considered old hat for years.  New folks can discover great artists…  for I listen to quality tunes.  Hehehe!  http://www.awrittenrhapsody.com/posts/party-up-with-literature-wicked-wildfire-read-a-thon-challenge/#comments

You know the term “It’s an honour to be nominated”?  I understand!  I found out I made 4th place in one of the few creatively-judged contests!!!!  We utilized obscure book titles to create a hilarious, odd, or mysterious sentence.  (The winner incorporated a paragraph – I’m just saying…)  I dearly use any Amazon gift certificate I can get.  To get noticed for ability among numerous entrants is the best compliment of all!  The aim wasn’t to fill a sentence with required words.  It had to be good and I’m thrilled the hostess recognized my effort.  The winner’s and finalist’s pieces were great.  http://melissaseclecticbookshelf.blogspot.se/2012/06/wicked-title-trouble-challenge.html

I succeeded at reading more than I have in a while.  If we tweak how challenges work, even better.  I’m going full force the remaining day (minus meals).  I see myself completing the present novel and 1 more!
Very glad I joined ~ Carolyn.


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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2 Responses to Wicked Wildfire Feedback, All In 1.

  1. Thanks so much for all your positive feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed the AWR challenge. Sorry again for the comment issues, but it’s all working now! :)

  2. Thanks for the mention and it was my pleasure.

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