“Trembling Bay Ballad”, 2012

**** I advocate not spoiling a plot so anyone might read or watch.  The following is sparse of detail;  merely basics to give full impact to my “Wicked Wildfire Read-A-Thon” contest entry.  With my focus on novel-authoring, I thought verse/lyric days were behind me!  I bid you to enjoy.  ****

I set the scene for you about two characters created by Phyllis A. Whitney in 1956.  This is not a historical romance, not even fantasy fiction.  A gothic mystery if you can believe it…  tested new love in the most epic manner possible.  Her classic “The Trembling Hills” entails:  a missing Father, outcast Grandmother, and a recurring dream so strong it may be a real memory.

The protagonist and her Mom join an old friend in San Francisco, USA.  Sara develops a connection with home owner’s son Nick, which they put aside because he just got engaged to a woman they both respect.  My composition is in his voice.  Sara is busy solving a childhood nightmare that always ends before she sees what happens.  Encountering her birth home, she thinks she might be able to trigger the whole dream to play out.  But in April 1906 disaster hits!  It is horrible enough to become close friends with someone, dead just when you find out she is family.  The characters of this enthralling story also run for survival:  from the earthquake and fire of true history!  http://www.phyllisawhitney.com/chronbiblio.htm



I loved a girl, with a genuine heart
From a circle swayed by wealth
I’ll always care for her, cherish her smile
But desiny raged out!

We are two minds alike
Guiding family through trembling fright
Unsure our homes will survive the night
But we’re all strong enough to withstand.

We huddle at the home of a matriarch
Who your Mother finds bitter and hard
If anyplace still stands for us to earn a cent
Let’s all get out, to other parts

With all of our mights
We’ll honour your fallen sister right
She was nearly my wife
We’ll aim our hopes at the streets of our home
Lord, please rebuild our city and homes.

Copyright © 2012 C.M. Riedel.

Please also see my article about the wonderful novel author.  https://cmriedel.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/phyllis-a-whitney-like-wind/


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1 Response to “Trembling Bay Ballad”, 2012

  1. melissaseclecticbookshelf says:

    I had completely forgotten about Whitney. In my late teens I devoured her books as well as those of Victoria Holt. I wonder what I would think of them now!

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