Call Me “Miss B-Side”!

I love a balance of music.  It’s great to find more styles we connect with, to keep alive all the eras, discuss other genres;  have more in common with a larger number of people.  Discovery through friends and acquaintances is fun, because what gets on the airwaves is seldom any artist’s best song.  More than all of this, it isn’t entertainment to me.  Music is a language and amplification of moods.

Imagine if we limited ourselves to only one emotion?  That’s how I feel about people who only play one kind of music or worse;  solely ‘what’s out right now’.  Have a preference but mix it up and keep you ear to the ground!  Between headlining arena events and open air festivals, I’ve attended A LOT OF CONCERTS.  I travelled twice, to see legends I’ve cherished since childhood.  I have a top favourite song by many artists and it became a joke that mine don’t get performed live!

I am a specialist at introducing folks to the non-overplayed, non over-advertised pieces of a muscian’s repertoire!  The key is to forget ‘top 40’ and to trace all of an artist’s work.  Here are trail-blazing performers as examples.

The Billy Joel single I like best is “All For Leyna“.  No, not “Piano Man”.
It’s even less likely to hear “A Word In Spanish” by Elton John.


Chris DeBurgh was famous a decade before “Lady In Red” came out, in 1986.  I treasure “Just In Time“.







Corey Hart?  I’ll bang my head if you reference “Sunglasses At Night”.  It was the dude’s first release, at age 21 in 1983.  “Boy In The Box” was a catchier song and funkier video.  Corey’s 90s albums, just as many of them as he released in the 80s for your information, were even better.  My favourite of all time, “The World Is Fire“, wasn’t even a single.  Album tracks are awesome, which is why “i tunes” and MP3 downloads miss something.

LEGEND Olivia Newton-John, makes you think of the “Grease” soundtrack from 1978?  Please!  That was a detour from the fame she already had since 1971.  Hits after the musical were even bigger and post cancer survival~ more spiritual.  2007 album “Grace And Gratitude” is set up to take us through the energy chakras.

Explore A-ha beyond their first hit “Take On Me”, from “Hunting High & Low”.  That was in 1985!  There were continuous albums, as recent as Novemeber 2010:  “Foot Of The Mountain”.  You bet, new material got cooler and cooler.  “Minor Earth, Major Sky” is a neat space concept.  “Stay On These Roads” is gorgeous!  Oh, the opening melody and motorcylces in the rain!  An old hit that moves me to this day is “The Sun Always Shines On TV“.  Watch the first frames carefully.  This video continues where the comic strip “Take On Me” drama leaves off…




*  I reject the expectation that “everyone likes the Beatles”.
    What I applaud, is Paul McCartney’s animal rights work.

*  I’m a Canadian who is no fan of Céline Dion (please don’t pronounce the N),
    The Tragically Hip, or Great Big Sea.

*  I don’t like John Cougar Mellancamp, the Rolling Stones, or Beyoncé.  But I’ll easily take them over the Who, Tom Petty, Richard Marx, or Michael Bolton.  Yuck.  I dig pop classics and alternative rock ~ not R&B or ‘mid-tempo music’.  I must get the new albums by Metric and especially Garbage!

*  It’s fantastic Canada’s The Barenaked Ladies sing The Big Bang Theory theme.  What a sweet deal.  I merely hate the way they over-pronounce lyrics.  Every time I watch, I lower the opening theme so I don’t have to hear:  “HOT, DENSE, STATE”.  No really:  listen and see if it doesn’t bug you.

People think William Shatner draws out words!  I don’t know who’s worse:  this band finishing the phrase “If I Had A Million Dollars”, or the stupid way Ryan Seacrest drawls “this – is – American – Idol”.


About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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