Consider Our Side: Property Held Hostage.

Let Canada Post employees request safer machines and pensions.  I get it.  Even though the lowest debated wage is more than I’ve seen, go for it.  What bugs the living heck out of me is not receiving mail, so be quick about it.  Communication services, in this case carrying real physical items, count as essential services.  Whatever your favourite mode, essential services should not be cut.  When THAT kind of outfit freezes, you affect those who patronize it more than whomever you oppose!

Parliament expanded the debate into 4 angles;  no side of the quartet gaining ground.  Will Canada Post invite employees back?  Canadians can’t be without mail.  Can the Prime Minister overturn the lock-out without affecting benefit agreements?  Whomever might have had a valid point:  this is taking too frigging long.

The government’s attempt to step in, fizzled at arguing about the argument.  The original negotiators plateaued.  Forget philosophy and fine print.  It’s ludicrous to lose sight of the effects.  Consider the customers, citizens gypped of a service for which we paid!    Regrets to those looking forward to Father’s Day cards and June birthdays that got the short end of the stick.

Skip people who brag “I don’t use mail”, or reporters who assume seniors and businesses are the dependents.  I’m young and computer savvy but frequently use and in fact prefer, real mail.  (If you call it “snail”, your relatives must answer electronic mail in fewer than 3 days)!  Personal mail is just as important and I expect to receive it.

The serious, superceding effect:  mail already purchased and circulated, is a disregarded casualty of someone else’s grievance.  Parcel owners don’t appear to have a legal outlet to do anything about it.  It ought to be called the 5th side of the stalemate argument.  Hostage-holding property is inappropriate and unacceptable!  I myself have numerous parcels sitting….  somewhere.  Do I have the right to march up to Canada Post and get them?

My home is an hour from cities.  Rural locations were reportedly “unaffected” but with city production seized, there’s nothing for a driver to bring!  It would far exceed the price of the stamp to retrieve what’s ours but I want my property.  Read about a disgruntled worker

When Canada Post’s wealthy CEO (with a 4% increase yearly) chose to close, he was responsible for delegating distribution of all mail on-hand.  I could use a paycheque and temporarily fulfill those duties.  What about scabs?  It is unfair our property is withheld, no one else can deliver it, and we aren’t allowed to go get it (as far as I’m aware).  If there IS a way, kindly publish the phone number and I’ll pick-up my mail immediately!


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