Kim Cattrall & City Part II.

One of the most broad-ranged Canadian actresses to grace the screen, Kim Cattrall’s unique career crosses countless genres: hit television in lead and support roles, cheesy sex flicks of the early 80’s, continuous work on the musical stage, the prestige of Star Trek, coverage in both U.K. and U.S. ancestry episodes “Who Do You Think You Are”; and current motion picture dramas. To boot, Kim is a best selling author about intimacy. Her portfolio might be compared to that of humble music group Chilliwack. They released so many well-known titles, you are constantly exclaiming “wow, I didn’t know they did that one”!

As Samantha on “Sex And The City”, Kim won a Golden Globe award. I’m no diehard fan but enjoyed its final two seasons and gladly toted a gal pal to the first film. I caught up with the sequel on blu-ray, a format so expensive; it says something that I willingly paid $30.00 to watch it! I don’t regret a penny.

Today I had the pleasure of Kim interviewing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. I ignore critics, so I was surprised to hear “Sex And The City II” got a low grade. I prefer this film, by leaps and bounds! Let’s begin with obvious justifications. Film II is abundant with high energy, not trivial grief like losing expensive shoes. There is action too, street-chase politics in a foreign setting. The fictional author has career concerns parallel to the film’s actual success: are promiscuous singles better sellers? To the contrary, sedentary evolvement makes these characters far more relatable. I for one, stopped hitting dance clubs in my 20’s.

Recall that in film I, a sense of separation prevailed, with two characters depressed throughout. Film II revisits the couples and the friends harmoniously, hilariously together; a superior storyline in a spectacular setting. It’s a chance to watch what it’s like, after each of them reaches their ideal personal life. On a delightful note, Miranda, usually a downer, lights up and takes charge as Abu Dhabi vacation guide. Most special of all, are individual friendships never pinpointed before. In the series I recall Samantha visiting Miranda once, to begrudginly babysit. And only once, Charlotte phoned Samantha; in triumph over her sex life with ex-husband Trey. These relationships were supposed to have been well seasoned, ahead of on-screen emergence. One would think the girls each share rapports that stand alone. Instead of Carrie being pivotal, the scenes of Charlotte and Miranda confiding mother-to-mother are refreshing and charming.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to base favourites on 5-star ratings. There are “critically acclaimed” releases that made me sick, like “Requiem For A Dream” and “Slumdog Millionaire”. Others, at which ‘Siskel & Ebert’ flipped their famous fingers, are my personal gems. Although I hope the price of blu-rays goes down, I will be playing my copy of “Sex And The City II” again.


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