Don’t let rules override the mission.

Rules are for protection.  Without observing special cases, unfair rules squeeze into side “A” or “B” of a fence.  Remember Ellen DeGeneres’ dog seizure?  She gave Iggy to a friend and the originating shelter took advantage of rules to overpower a celebrity.  Iggy went to a third home, instead of pets who needed it.  We too were victims of blind rules, that thankfuly God set right!

We value animal life equal to people.  We ban the word “owner” and are vegetarian.  I know cats best and there are two camps on how to raise them:
(1)  believing we all need to feel grass (or snow) beneath our feet and
(2)  keeping cats indoors (dogs get walked thrice daily in the same home).

Animal lovers target the same priority of safety and health, differently.  “Pro-indoor” folks don’t guarantee bettr care!  One manager’s personal preference nearly deprived 5 faces of us.  I fought to keep them.  The shelter said we deprived them of ‘kitten sales’!  They house 70+ cats and recently told the press they’re overloaded.

Settling into our first house, I fostered a pregnant 8 month-old.  She skipped the shelter.  A volunteer met me on the highway.  She gave birth at our home, with 2½ acres of forestland.  The timing was right to keep this whole family together so I said close the case!  Instead of cancelling an exchange that just occurred, approval was sought from a manager who is anti-outside.  I refuse to sentence anyone to a four-wall existence.  It didn’t faze them that we’d just given up a home to stand up for pets.  Active Management apartments bans them.  Although unprepared for a house, we walked.

My calls were ignored 2 months!  I feared losing babies who consider me Momma.  Talking about them was painful.  We couldn’t put up portraits.  We were reluctant to name everyone.  The time to say “no” was past.  We said “screw it”!  We let friends see our house and didn’t hesitate to introduce our kitties.  Suddenly we got a call…  because it was time for vaccines!  The rescue grudgingly bowed out, proposing we pay for a family WE raised.  They forgot the animals’ feelings, overlooked their choice.  They are happy where they were born.  Understandably frantic for funds, a shelter forgot the happiness of the 5 subjects.

My parents treat cats like Grandchildren, celebrating their birthdays.  Last night they initiated a greeting with deer!  They have a cat house, library building, and Christmas stockings.  If I find a pimple, they get medical care.  Sound like lousy parents?  They’re protected like children, with the freedom to explore being cats.

No-kill shelters are a God-send.  Volunteers are up to fists in urine, handling idiots.  Some help all animals, others specialize in FIV residents (feline AIDS).  I advocate rescuing and oppose breeding, which robs homes.  But I was treated poorly as an animal rights peer.  Adoption contracts need to change.  If they made me a ‘bad candidate’, Jane Goodall would get barred by this bias!  Screen attitudes, give care guidelines.  Don’t decree “ye shall never see the sun”.  That’s a personal belief, opposed to mine.  If your neighbourhood is hazardous, restrict pets by choice.  Never make something so fundamental, a requirement.  The real issue:  how are souls treated?

At our apartment, we drove our boys to a park.  Rather than promising a kitty will live next to a lamp, explain how to take pets out safely, based on neighbourhood.  They enjoy so much, steps from the door:  bugs, grass, flowerbeds.  The homeless need to snap up loving families;  not have them rejected over rearing preferences.

5 new family members, September 2010.


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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2 Responses to Don’t let rules override the mission.

  1. laurenwaters says:

    I completely agree that this should not be a strict rule. So many cats need homes and they should ask all the right questions to see if a home is a safe place. Unfortunately, I have coyotes, foxes, and a nasty german shephard next door so I have to keep my two inside. They should have been so happy to have placed all the cats in such a loving home. I’m glad you kept them :)

  2. Good for you to stand up for them and giving them the home they deserve. Far too often pets of all kinds are left in horrible conditions and abused. And because most people see them as “just animals” they aren’t helped. I think it’s bull. But then again, there is a lot of things that are bull in this world. So us to do care should do what we can.

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